How to Find The Best Janitorial Cleaning Services

How to Find The Best Janitorial Cleaning Services

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A professional office atmosphere requires a clean space. What’s more, this qualification has turned into a requirement during the COVID era. These unprecedented circumstances call for a janitorial cleaning service with a strong reputation, commitment to health, and a professional team. 

At Smart Choice Cleaning, you’ll find the best janitorial services available throughout Northern VA. We keep small and large businesses across the region in spotless shape, which has built our reputation for reliability. Our options include window washing, carpet cleaning, waste removal, upholstery sanitation, and much more. Smart Choice guarantees your satisfaction with our work. So, let’s take a closer look at the factors that determine which janitorial services would suit your business: 

What Factors Distinguish a Janitorial Service?

  1. Reputation and referrals
    When folks start looking for a particular service, they often turn to friends and family for recommendations. They may also look for options online and read what previous clients had to say about those companies. If you do the same, pay attention to comments that note any commitment to quality and customer service rather than just low prices.

    We’re proud to see that Smart Choice’s former clients give us positive reviews across the board. Their appreciative feedback notes our flexible scheduling, efficient pace, and other benefits.
  2. Straightforward pricing and bids
    Some cleaning companies may believe that they need only offer “low costs” to secure customers. Yet low prices may suggest low-quality services. Likewise, unclear pricing suggests that the company is either unsure or disingenuous about its work. But a reliable cleaning service offers clear service rates and ensures their customers understand the charges involved.

    Smart Choice believes that service prices should be clear upfront. Thus, we review such details with clients when we schedule and prepare for appointments. We also offer online discounts and coupons for clients to make use of.
  3. Responsibility for health & safety
    We’ve previously discussed how careful cleaning improves indoor air quality. But now, more than ever, employers are committed to routine sanitation, which protects their employees against COVID-19 and its anxieties.

    Our team understands these worries, and we want to help mitigate your concerns about the situation. That’s why we’ve remained open throughout the pandemic and are currently offering commercial disinfecting services.
  4. Communicating before the job
    You may want to schedule your cleaning service and then put it out of your mind. But if that service is going to fulfill your expectations, you must clarify them from the get-go.

    Before our team starts cleaning your office regularly, a Smart Choice representative will ask you about your goals. What do you expect to see cleaned? How often would you like your premises serviced?
  5. Trained Professionals
    Some people may believe that cleaning takes little training, that “anyone can do it,” but they hold misconceptions. True professionals believe in improving their services and doing better than anyone else. In searching for a janitorial service, you should bear the commitment to professionalism in mind.

    Smart Choice practices this belief in professionalism. Even after their initial training, we ask our employees to continue educating themselves on best practices. It’s one reason why you should choose Smart Choice as your cleaning service.
  6. Effective Systems
    While proper sanitation calls for hard workers, they constitute a part of the equation. Their employer must also use effective methods, ones proven to clean thoroughly and efficiently. This ensures a consistent standard of quality and professionalism across their projects.

    Smart Choice has developed its own set of cleaning systems. They not only ensure sanitation but also save our clients’ time and money. Plus, we employ a communication system that ensures we schedule and complete appointments punctually. 

Award-Winning Janitorial Services Available Throughout Northern Virginia

As with every aspect of your work, you can’t afford to sell yourself short on cleaning. Trust the best in the business for professional janitorial services: Smart Choice Cleaning. Independently-owned and locally-based, Smart Choice takes pride in providing exceptional customer service. No job is too big or space too dirty: trust us to keep your office clean and safe. Call us today at (703) 455-1440 or send us an email to set up your service! 

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