Post Construction


Once the dust has settled after your home renovation, a professional clean-up will give your space the polish it needs to feel complete. At Smart Choice Cleaning, our team understands that every project is unique, so we pride ourselves on having post-construction cleaning services in Northern Virginia that are customizable to our clients needs and timelines.

You’ve poured a lot of time and effort into a construction project you’re proud of, so when it comes to final presentation, we understand that image is everything. Smart Choice Cleaning has a carefully formulated approach to post-construction cleaning that has proven results, saving our clients time and money.

Smart Choice Cleaning does not cut corners. Our multi-step processes have been designed to give homes a beautiful, lasting shine. With our high-quality equipment and experienced technicians on the job, your home is guaranteed to shine and impress all who walk in.

If you are satisfied with our initial home cleaning, our staff of certified cleaning experts will be happy to return for regularly scheduled cleanings. With professionals to take the work of cleaning off your hands, you can relax and breathe easy while enjoying the look and feel of your new renovations.


Dust, Dirt, Grime and Debris Removal

Steam Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Ceiling and Tile Cleaning

Window and Blind Cleaning and Dusting


1. “Can you provide a quote?”

Yes, we can give you a quote over the phone or via email.

2. “Do you provide after hour and weekends service?”

Yes. We provide after hour service excluding six holidays in the year: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day,Thanksgiving Day, Fourth of July and Christmas day.

3. “What do past clients say about your Post Construction cleaning service?”