How to Determine Whether to Clean, Reupholster, or Replace Your Furniture

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How to Determine Whether to Clean, Reupholster, or Replace Your Furniture

The costs of reupholstering, buying new furniture, and professional upholstery cleaning can differ drastically. So, which offers you the best value? Replacing your old furniture with new items comes with the highest cost, though new furniture can provide a thrill of novelty. Reupholstering sofas and loveseats, while usually less expensive than new furniture, can feel like throwing money at an endless problem. Yet upholstery cleaning helps your living room, dining room, or other furniture sets look and smell brand-new for a fraction of replacement and reupholstering costs. 

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Below, we discuss how you can determine whether to clean, reupholster, or replace your furniture:

Should You Reupholster Your Furniture?

Reupholstering is often the best option for family heirlooms and items that hold great sentimental value. Doing so usually incurs a lower cost than buying brand-new living room sets. Moreover, some artisans can match the color and design of many fabrics from yesteryear. Other instances when reupholstering might work include:

Frayed Materials
A professional cleaning will not fix strands of material hanging from the item. Turning the piece over to a reupholstering shop may be best if you cannot make reasonable repairs.

Discolored Materials
Although a professional with access to commercial-grade upholstery cleaning solutions can remove many stains, they have nothing for fading and sun-weathering. Consider asking an upholstery cleaning service if the discolorations will come out.

Depending on the extent of damage, the reupholstering cost could exceed that of new furniture. Nevertheless, it may be worth the price if you attach sentimental value to the piece.

Should You Replace Old Furniture?

A comfortable sofa typically times out between 7 and 15 years, while an upholstered chair usually lasts between 10 and 15 years. Ordinary people also tend to find that mass-produced couches, love seats, and chairs expire sooner than sturdy artisan-made items. The telltale signs your furniture has passed the point of no return are:

  • The piece has broken legs or infrastructure.
  • It is no longer comfortable to use.
  • The item is near or has reached its life expectancy.
  • The cost of reupholstering outweighs the value of a new model.

You should also remember that torn fabric and aging furniture may not be worth salvaging. Getting a year or two out of a sectional couch doesn’t always make cost-effective sense. But, in many cases, professional upholstery cleaning can reset the timer.

Should You Have an Upholstery Cleaning Performed?

Upholstery Cleaning Fairfax VA

Before you purchase new fabric or furniture, determine whether a professional upholstery cleaning solution could solve the issue. The most common problems include:


Cat spraying, soda, and moisture can leave furniture smelling a tad rank. Even though such scents may seem too unpleasant to cure, a commercial upholstery cleaning solution can bring back that new-furniture smell.

Pet Hair

Dog, cat, and hair from other pets can work into furniture fabric over months and years. Removing that hair can be so tedious that some people may decide to throw away the piece. However, the forceful suction in upholstery cleaning can remove every strand, saving you the need to wrestle with any work.

Additionally, spores and dust may have seeped into the fabric and cushioning material of a sofa or another furniture piece if people consistently suffer allergy symptoms near them. A deep upholstery cleaning can reduce allergy symptoms for increased indoor comfort.

Visible Stains

Many urban myths suggest that nothing can remove certain stains from upholstery. But in truth, some are just more challenging to get out than others. Chocolate, red wine, and tomato sauce are usually the worst, yet an experienced upholstery cleaning company can succeed.

Outstanding Upholstery Cleaning Services Available in Fairfax, VA

Smart Choice Cleaning’s upholstery cleaning services meet the same stellar standards as our other options, guaranteed. Fairfax, VA, home- and business owners rely on us to handle the cleaning and sanitation of their properties so they can focus on professional and personal responsibilities. Check out our online specials today, or call us at (703) 455-1440 for a free cleaning estimate.

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