Professional Upholstery Cleaning vs. DIY

Professional Upholstery Cleaning vs. DIY

professional upholstery service in Alexandria VA

To recognize the upcoming National Cleaning Week, invest in professional upholstery cleaning for a safe, hygienic home environment. You probably struggle to keep your upholstery clean, especially if you have pets, kids, and guests in your home. Yet professional services provide a thorough cleansing without harming your furniture. Best of all, these services are convenient and cost-effective.

Reach out to Smart Choice Cleaning Services for your upholstery cleaning needs in Alexandria, VA. We offer several commercial and residential cleaning options including maid, carpet, rug, tile & grout, post-construction, water extraction, and disinfection services. We are a local, independently owned business with advanced industrial systems. Contact us at (703) 455-1440 for a free cleaning estimate.

Below, we explore why you should seek professional upholstery cleaning services rather than clean upholstery yourself:

Deep Clean

While your upholstery may look clean, it can collect microscopic dirt particles and pathogens over time. Home remedies often cannot remove these invisible contaminants. However, professional upholstery cleaning gives your furniture a thorough cleaning to remove allergens, dust, dirt, stains, bacteria, and odor.

Whether your upholstery needs light cleaning or intensive restoration, Smart Choice Cleaning has a solution for your needs. We use a 12-step process to clean upholstery, which includes inspection, preparation, vacuuming, treatment, spot removal, grooming, speed drying, and quality inspection.

Maintain Condition

You can also maintain your upholstery’s quality over time with routine professional cleanings. These services not only remove dirt from the fabric but also maintain the optimal condition of its surface and under-layers.

Keep in mind that DIY cleaning techniques may ruin your upholstery, especially those that involve unfamiliar chemicals. However, professional upholstery cleaners know which cleaning products will serve your upholstery best and ensure its longevity.


Put plainly, professional upholstery cleaning saves you the time and effort that DIY remedies require. Our crew brings all the necessary equipment to perform the cleaning process and won’t even need to move the furniture from your home. Additionally, you can have multiple pieces of furniture cleaned during one visit.


While DIY upholstery cleaning’s initial cost may be lower than professional services, it can’t ensure your furniture will be thoroughly cleaned and maintained. Also, you must cover the repairs for any damage that occurs to your furniture during DIY cleaning—an avoidable expense. By using a professional upholstery cleaner every few years, you can maximize your furniture’s life, which will save you money in the long run.

Smart Choice Cleaning: Professional Residential Upholstery Cleaning in Alexandria, VA

Professional Upholstery Services in Alexandria VA

The preferred upholstery cleaning service for residents of Alexandria, VA, Smart Choice Cleaning prioritizes customer satisfaction. Thus, we use a comprehensive communication system for ensuring scheduling accuracy. Moreover, our team members receive continuous education and training so that we can maintain the highest standards for professional cleaning. Contact us today at (703) 455-1440 and receive a free project estimate!

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