How Professionals Clean Office Bathrooms

Bathroom Cleaning Service Ashburn VA

How Professionals Clean Office Bathrooms

Maintaining a clean office bathroom is more than just a matter of appearance—it reflects your organization’s commitment to employee and visitor experience. Although you may wish to tackle bathroom cleaning in-house, professional crews have the expertise, equipment, and procedures to do so more effectively and efficiently. Indeed, investing in professional bathroom cleaning services can help achieve a standard of cleanliness that impresses guests and employees. 

Ashburn, VA, businesses of all sizes can trust Smart Choice Cleaning for such needs. From janitorial services to commercial carpet cleaning and beyond, our highly-trained professionals are dedicated to exceptional cleaning service. Utilizing only the highest quality equipment and technique, our team ensures that every nook and cranny of your space is spotless. To learn more about our professional bathroom cleaning services, call (703) 455-1440 today!

Below, we detail the process of commercial bathroom cleaning services: 


A fact that professionals know all too well: the devil’s in the details. Therefore, professional janitorial services begin every bathroom clean with thorough preparation, including:

  • Gathering Supplies: A high-quality clean requires quality equipment. Proper sanitation begins with gathering professional-grade cleaners, disinfectants, towels, scrub brushes, and more.

  • Emphasizing Safety: A dirty bathroom may contain mold, mildew, and other health hazards. So, professionals gear up with protective personal equipment (such as gloves and masks) to protect themselves, allowing them to complete a thorough, worry-free job.

  • Establishing a Routine: As a highly trafficked area, bathrooms don’t stay clean forever. Professionals follow a consistent cleaning schedule to ensure that bathrooms remain in top condition. For instance, Smart Choice Cleaning offers flexible cleaning schedules that center around your organizational needs.


Bathroom Cleaning Service Ashburn VA

From awkwardly angled appliances to narrow corners, it can be easy to neglect certain areas when giving your bathroom a hasty scrub. Yet by taking a systematic approach, professionals ensure that even the trickiest bathroom areas are as clean and hygienic as possible. This approach handles: 

  • Trash: Overflowing, foul-odored trash calls for action—professionals remove trash and disinfect the receptacle if necessary.

  • Glass Surfaces: Mirrors and windows are focal points of the bathroom, often smeared by the end of the day. Commercial bathroom cleaning services use appropriate cleaning solutions to leave glass surfaces shining.

  • Appliances: With careful attention to detail, professional cleaners scrub bathroom appliances—sinks, faucets, toilets, and more.

  • Floors: After cleaning all other surfaces, professionals sweep, vacuum, or mop with a disinfectant solution to remove dirt, hair, or other debris.

Even if every bathroom surface is clean, an absence of hygienic items signals neglect. Therefore, professionals finish their jobs by restocking essentials such as toilet paper, paper towels, and hand soap.

Book Commercial Bathroom Cleaning Services in Ashburn, VA!

Ashburn, VA, organizations seeking professional bathroom cleaning services can look no further than Smart Choice Cleaning. Our cleaners go above and beyond to eliminate germs, bacteria, and other potential health hazards, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for everyone who uses your office bathrooms. With flexible cleaning scheduled around your business’s needs, we are committed to each client’s needs and the quality of each service. Call (703) 455-1440 today for more information about our cleaning services!

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