The 4 Toughest Areas To Clean In Your Bathroom

The 4 Toughest Areas To Clean In Your Bathroom

There are some areas in our homes that we would rather not clean–like bathrooms–and they happen to be the dirtiest places in our homes. However, hiring professional cleaners ensures that these difficult spaces still receive the deep cleanings they require. Indeed, tailored bathroom cleaning services have the equipment and experience to handle whatever tasks you need. 

And among the cleaning services available in Springfield, VA, you should reach out to Smart Choice Cleaning. Our team of experienced cleaning experts has worked throughout the region, providing high-quality services to both residential and commercial clients for over a decade. We are equipped for and experienced in dealing with any and all cleaning needs you may have. Moreover, we offer scheduled maid cleaning service, water damage recovery, and more. 

Below, we discuss some of the toughest places to clean in your home’s bathroom:

1. Vanity Drawers/Cabinets

The vanity is the cabinetry placed underneath the bathroom sink, which provides storage for various cleaning and personal hygiene items. Many of us may use this area often but a select few will take time to clean it, partly because we easily forget it. 

Vanities are also difficult to clean; they’re tight spaces that require thorough scrubbing to remove dust, grime, and dried residue build-up over months and months. However, regular cleaning can prevent this difficulty, which a skilled maid cleaning service can provide. 

2. Bathtub/Sink Drain

The bathtub and sink drains are other often-overlooked areas in the bathroom, at least until a clog ends up forming within it. However, unlike vanity drawers and cabinets, we use our drains far more often and should be just as mindful of them. 

Generally, one should clean the metallic disc around their drains at least once a week, providing both a clear appearance and preventing future issues. This can be done as easily as pouring hot water over the drain, then pouring baking soda on top, more hot water, along with vinegar. 

Of course, if the grime and stains are still unmanageable, consider calling on an experienced bathroom cleaning service like Smart Choice. 

3. Vent Covers

Yet another difficult area to clean is your bathroom’s vent covers. These allow your bathroom to have the ventilation it needs to ensure it isn’t too humid or frigid for you to get ready in. 

However, over time, dust and other pollutants will clutter up the vent cover, causing it to provide insufficient insulation. Considering that your vents are constantly circulating air throughout your house, it’s safe to say that your vent covers need to be regularly cleaned. 

However, it is difficult to perform a thorough cleaning between the vent’s many ridges, as well as to properly wash away the pollutants in the little crags around it. If it seems too difficult, consider getting an experienced professional to help, as they always have the right tools for the job. 

4. Behind the Toilet

Among the most difficult areas to clean in one’s bathroom is that space behind the toilet, as it’s both narrow and normally just out of reach to properly clean. 

Because of this, there’s usually a tremendous amount of dust, dirt, hair, grime and other pollutants left behind. While it’s possible to clean with enough effort, it’s usually more trouble than it’s worth. 

However, with help from a quality bathroom cleaning service, you’ll have an expert on hand to clean every inch of your bathroom space, including hard-to-reach areas like behind the toilet. 

Smart Choice Cleaning: Top Bathroom Cleaning Service in Springfield, VA  

As everyone’s bathroom and home are different, there are going to be many more places that you find difficult to clean. However, you can ensure that all of them are taken care of by having a seasoned cleaning service provider assist you with regularly scheduled home cleanings throughout the year. Smart Choice Cleaning is among the best cleaning companies in the Springfield, VA, area, assisting both residential and commercial businesses with keeping their interiors and facilities in excellent condition. Contact us at (703) 455-1440 to learn more about our services including our excellent maid cleaning service today.

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