The Differences Between Janitorial Services and Commercial Office Cleaning

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The Differences Between Janitorial Services and Commercial Office Cleaning

Given the large market of commercial cleaning services available, business owners may struggle to determine what service will meet their needs. While the names of many cleaning services (such as janitorial and office cleaning) imply similar outcomes, each has distinctions that make them suitable in different scenarios. Indeed, commercial janitorial services and office cleaning help maintain a clean and orderly work environment but vary in scope and responsibilities.

Every business requires tailored cleaning services to maintain the optimal work environment. Northern Virginia organizations can rely on Smart Choice Cleaning for such needs. Whether post-construction, janitorial, or office cleaning, Smart Choice delivers on our promise of maintaining a clean, professional, and organized environment. Call (703) 455-1440 today and receive a free estimate or learn more information!

Here, we outline the key differences between janitorial and commercial cleaners:

Janitorial Services 

Janitorial services are light cleaning services completed regularly. They take routine upkeep tasks off business owners’ hands so they can focus on operations and enjoy the benefits of a clean environment. Most janitorial services companies complete services after work hours to ready an office space for guests and employees the next day. 

Depending on companies’ needs, daily services may include:

  • Restroom cleaning 
  • Mopping
  • Vacuuming
  • Trash Removal

Commercial Office Cleaning commercial janitorial services Northern Virginia

Compared to office janitorial services, commercial office cleaning occurs less often yet involves heavier sanitation tasks. Services aim to deep clean small areas (including carpet or tile) and eradicate long-standing trouble spots like stains. These jobs require specialized equipment and are, therefore, difficult for nonprofessionals. Commercial office cleaning may include services such as:

Choosing the Right Commercial Service 

Before employing the cleaning services suited for your business, you must identify your needs. For instance, are you looking for increased general upkeep? Daily professional janitorial services can help you achieve a consistent, clean environment. On the other hand, if you notice a specific issue (such as stubborn stains on the office carpets), a large-scale, one-time job may do the trick. For these tasks, it’s best to engage specific commercial office cleaning services, such as Smart Choice Cleaning’s carpet cleaning services.

Receive Commercial Janitorial Services in Northern Virginia!

Keeping a professional and sanitary workspace enhances both the guest and employee experience.  In Northern Virginia, businesses can rely on Smart Choice Cleaning to achieve such an environment. Whether you want a one-and-done job or regular commercial janitorial services, we have solutions for every need. Call (703) 455-1440 for more details about our commercial cleaning services!

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