New Year, Cleaner Home: 5 New Year’s Cleaning Resolutions

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New Year, Cleaner Home: 5 New Year’s Cleaning Resolutions

With Fall moving quickly, we’ll soon face the end of the year. This period brings opportunities to establish new habits: a better diet, increased fitness, or a cleaner home. The final option need not be a significant challenge or require unusual changes to your lifestyle, though. Simple steps—establishing a cleaning schedule, stocking up on cleaning supplies, and more—can help you enjoy a spotless home. Additionally, routine maid cleaning services can provide comprehensive, deep cleanses to reinforce your efforts.

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Below, we outline some simple recommendations for everyday cleaning:

1. Set Up a Cleaning Schedule

Whether you live alone or with roommates (including family!), a schedule helps organize all your cleaning efforts. Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and porches—all these rooms need sanitation or washing. Break up these tasks over several weekends, or assign them to different household members. Download a cleaning schedule from the Internet or build your own from scratch.

Within this program, you can incorporate professional cleaning service appointments. While you or your roommates handle simple clean-up tasks—washing dishes, organizing belongings, etc.—maids can handle the nitty-gritty work. This combination of efforts will achieve and maintain a clean home.

2. Place Cleaning Equipment throughout Your House

It may seem like a small detail, but the accessibility of cleaning tools and supplies helps to determine your home’s cleanliness. After all, how many of us forget to wipe up minor spills or sweep our hallways? Convenience helps us accomplish cleaning goals.

Every bathroom in a home, for instance, should have a toilet brush and disinfectant wipes. Moreover, kitchens should be well-stocked with soap, brushes, sponges, and more. Every floor in a house should have trash bags and a broom. These minor steps can make a significant difference in cleanliness.

3. Designate Spaces for Items to Land

Whether intentional or not, many homes have a spot—or several—that accumulates “stuff”: mail, magazines, notes to self, unwanted items, and general detritus. These cluttered areas tend to appear in kitchens, foyers, and living rooms, the spaces that all of a home’s residents use. Yet designating inconspicuous spots for the pieces of detritus helps combat the accumulated clutter.

4. Cook and Clean Simultaneously

Maid Cleaning Service Oakton VA

The larger and more complex meals become, the greater mess they make. But when cleaning and cooking occur together, clutter is mitigated. Perhaps one person can cook while another cleans—such scenarios depend on a kitchen’s capacity. Nevertheless, merging these processes just makes sense. Likewise, you can keep your fridge clean by wiping away spills and removing expired foods.

5. Anticipate Your Needs and Adjustments

By tackling challenges and tasks head-on, you can avoid cleaning emergency scenarios. Try to prepare for your needs in advance. For example, if cleaning supplies are running low, make a note to grab more when you go to the store. Make your bed every morning. Wipe off counters after you use them. Small cleaning steps can benefit mental health and prevent messes from growing unwieldy.

Hire Maid Cleaning Services for Your Oakton, VA, Residence Today

Leverage your good intentions and fresh energy for the New Year to build a better home. As you do so, complement your efforts with those of a professional maid cleaning service. Smart Choice Cleaning provides such options to home- and business owners in Oakton, VA. Our team offers online booking, free estimates, and detailed explanations of our options on our website. You can also call (703) 455-1440 to learn more about how maid cleaning services can help your household.

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