How to Maintain Your Grout

How to Maintain Your Grout

Tile’s universal appeal makes it a decorative feature in bathrooms and kitchens across the country. But grout, which holds tilework together, stains easily and turns a charming space into a messy one. You can counter this trend by cleaning your grout daily, coating it with sealant, and hiring tile & grout cleaning professionals

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Below, we offer some tips on how to maintain your home’s grout – and when to call for professional help: 

Grout Maintenance Measures

  1. Establish a daily cleaning routine
    The primary cause of grout staining is water, which ironically comes from the spaces where we usually find tile. Water also encourages mold growth and cracks tile grout. Given these hazards – and the potential for greater ones – you should establish a daily cleaning ritual for your grout.

    Smart Choice Cleaning offers extensive guidelines for cleaning grout, but they break down to a simple process. Every day, you should spray your shower or backsplash with a gentle cleanser and wipe it down with a squeegee. Keep these materials near your tiled spaces, as it encourages your daily cleaning habit.
  2. Schedule weekly deep cleaning
    While quick, daily cleaning prevents grime build-ups, thorough cleaning cuts through deeper-set substances. Even after your daily wipes, body oils and soap scum can adhere to surfaces and require greater effort to efface. Luckily, you have a few methods for grout deep-cleans available.

    Use baking soda to attack the deeper set stains and elements. Sprinkle it over your grout and rub it in with a brush, or mix it with hydrogen peroxide and apply. Use warm water to wash the chemicals away and allow the exposed grout to dry overnight.
  3. Use bleach for the toughest stains
    Some grout stains can resist both daily and baking soda cleaning. These extreme cases call for an extreme solution: bleach. We recommend purchasing a bleach pen with the specific intention of treating stained grout. Although not a large-scale cleaner, the pen can provide an extra kick to individual stains that withstand other substances.

    If you want to clean a greater amount of grout, look for an oxygen-powered bleach like OxiClean. This works over a larger surface area and should cut into stains that baking soda can’t. You can use the same brush you used for baking soda to work in the bleach.
  4. Apply sealant to your grout
    While regular and rigorous cleaning helps prevent stains and mold growth on grout, another step offers extra protection: applying sealant. Use sealant in high-traffic areas that endure great moisture exposure, as those tend to be the dirtiest. You even have a few different sealant varieties to choose from.

    At Smart Choice, we recommend that you have grout lines sealed because of their porous nature. Grout may absorb substances and stains if left untouched, but a sealant can prevent that from happening.
  5. Grout renewal and replacement
    If you’ve tried every method of cleaning listed above and a stain remains, consider either grout renewal or replacement. Apply grout renewal material over the original substance for an extra layer of color and protection. If taken care of, the renewal matter may last for several years.

    However, some scenarios call for grout replacement and nothing else. If your grout is flaking or tiles are coming off the wall, no sealant or renewal products can fix it. You should hire a professional to re-grout your space properly. 

Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning Services Available in Alexandria, VA

You can help your tile last longer and look brighter by cleaning and caring for it. However, nothing beats a professional tile & grout cleaning service for quality and value. Reach out to Smart Choice Cleaning for all your home or business cleaning needs in or around Alexandria, VA. Our team is committed to your satisfaction, and we hope to become your go-to cleaning service for life. Call us today at (703) 455-1440 or contact us online! 

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