How Your Home Can Play a Major Factor in Your Love Life

How Your Home Can Play a Major Factor in Your Love Life

Top 10 Deal Breakers published a recent article that shed some light for single folks… and the answer may lie closer to home than most people realize.
According to this article, which shared results from a recent survey conducted by Wayfair, an online home decor shop. They surveyed the 10 deal breakers around the house that can render singles “undateable”. The Boston-based company surveyed more than 2,100 participants.
The top transgression that can leave the lovelorn even lonelier: smelly apartments.

Check out the chart to learn what were the biggest offenses.


Grimy bathrooms and bad plumbing were ranked the second and third worst carnal-killing sins. Not much kills the mood faster than a clogged toilet.
“Your home is a reflection of you and your state of being,” Jain says. “If it’s cleaned and decluttered, then it automatically feels like you have space for other people in your life.”
Other offenses included lack of privacy, no air conditioning or heat, dirty dishes, damaged upholstery, and crude artwork.
“If you’re home is a little messy, that’s all right,” Malov says. “But if someone comes in and things are thrown everywhere, that’s going to be a deal breaker for sure.”
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