Why February and March are Great Months for Carpet Cleaning

Why February and March are Great Months for Carpet Cleaning

professional carpet cleaning in spring from smart choice cleaning, northern virginia

Getting your carpets cleaned by professionals with the proper equipment can help your rugs and carpets last longer. Protect your investment and your health today!

For the past few months, your family and friends (and pets) have been tracking in salt, sand, dirty and ice into your house and onto your rugs and carpets.With every dirty footstep, your carpet fibers are getting worn and damaged, making your floor coverings look old before their time.

Getting your rugs and carpets cleaned today can help prevent further damage, protecting the investment you made in carpets and improving the health of your home.

Cleaning now will give you a head start on battling those awful springtime allergies! Your rugs and carpets can act as an air filter, trapping allergens and irritants, but they can only be effective if they’re free of dirt. Stay healthy by taking proactive steps like carpet cleaning before spring arrives!

Plus, scheduling carpet cleaning is easy at this time of year, when most other homeowners aren’t quite thinking about spring cleaning yet!

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