Is Carpet Protector Worth the Investment?

Is Carpet Protector Worth the Investment?

Your carpets and rugs are among your home’s most costly items, so you want to keep them looking great for as long as possible. In addition to regular vacuuming and professional cleanings, you may want to consider a carpet protector.

A carpet protector:

  • seals the fibers and holes in your fabric to help repel stains,
  • prevents soil, pollen and other allergens from clinging to carpet fibers,
  • provides protection against ultravoilet rays (UV) that may fade carpets,
  • and makes vacuuming easier and more effective. 

Carpet protector may be a very good idea for homeowners who have pets or children, entertain frequently, or have a home that gets a lot of natural sunlight.  

But, if your floor coverings are old and worn, or you plan to replace your carpet soon, a protector may not be worth the investment.  

For a professional and honest opinion about whether carpet a carpet protector is right for your home, call Smart Choice Cleaning at (703) 455-1440

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