The Best Carpet Cleaning Services

The Best Carpet Cleaning Services

The Best Carpet Cleaning ServicesIt’s very nice to have carpet installed in homes and offices, but do you wonder how to make sure your carpet maintains its color and smells fresh? There are several ways to achieve that goal!

Avoid tracked-in dirt by placing a mat outside the entryway and immediately inside the house. Most of the residue on shoes, feet, and paws, including mud and water, is removed by the first mat. The second mat collects almost all the dirt and debris that is left.

Regular vacuuming is another step. How often your carpet should be vacuumed depends on the amount of foot traffic it receives from adults, children and pets. We recommend a daily vacuuming for any carpet exposed to long-haired cats and dogs and/or a lot of daily use.

In addition to vacuuming, clean spills and spots quickly. Keep non-toxic spot cleaner on hand so it’s quick to find. Read the instructions before buying the cleaner to make sure it is safe to use on your carpets.

Check the qualifications of any carpet cleaning company before hiring them to clean carpet or Turkish, Persian, or Oriental rugs. We have a great deal of experience dealing with heirloom carpet cleaning. The fringe, dyes, and materials of hand-woven rugs will remain beautiful when expertly cleaned.

Smart Choice Cleaning is a family owned business that provides a variety of cleaning services in Springfield, VA and surrounding areas. Over the years our technicians have conquered stains and dirt in carpet, upholstery and other household items. We offer the best carpet cleaning experience for commercial and residential needs. Why not call us today for an appointment to discuss your cleaning requirements at 703-455-1440?

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