Happy National Cleanup Day!

Professional Cleaning Services in Fairfax, VA

Happy National Cleanup Day!

We can cherish the Earth by keeping it clean. After all, it is a living, breathing entity that gives us much for which to be thankful. What could you do with a whole day devoted to cleaning up our Earth and managing the waste? Well, you can find out on September 17th, National Cleanup Day! Plus, with the help of professional cleaning services, you can start the cleanup process in your home.

Smart Choice Cleaning offers such services to residents and businesses of Fairfax, VA. We are a local, family-owned business that applies advanced cleaning systems and technology. Our goal is to save you time and money while providing convenience to your everyday life. Moreover, we offer excellent customer service and a 100% money-back guarantee. Contact us at (703)-455-1440 to receive a free estimate in just 5 minutes.

Below, we detail National Cleanup Day 2022 and how a professional cleaning service can help you do your part:

National Cleanup Day: Its Origins and Mission

National Cleanup Day is a civic movement that unites 191 countries and millions of people to clean the global environment. It gathers volunteers, governments, and dedicated organizations to tackle Earth’s global waste problem. During previous Cleanup Days, 60 million volunteers gathered 303,000 tons of waste to help make the event a success.

The Smart Choice Cleaning team seeks to help communities and homes in need to tackle their waste problems. We believe that changing the world starts with changing your personal living space.

Cleanups can spark some much-needed change in our societies by:

  • Promoting environmentally friendly behavior
  • Creating and spreading awareness of environmental issues
  • Bringing these issues to the attention of national governments
  • Educating children on how to take care of the Earth

Your Impact

If you wish to confront the global challenges of pollution and waste, follow Smart Choice’s lead and dedicate yourself to eco-friendly cleaning. Reducing clutter and reorganizing the materials in your home help with waste reduction, management, and disposal. 

Smart Choice is the helping hand you need in jump-starting your journey to help save the planet and reduce your waste at home. A little goes a long way!

A Clean Home in More Ways Than One

Professional Cleaning Services in Fairfax, VA

Cleaning the Earth will require immense effort. If you need small, manageable steps to start, 

hire a professional cleaning service. Doing so allows you to tackle complex challenges with a clear mind and a clean home

Like the volunteers who clean up litter and waste from beaches, rivers, forests, and streets, a professional cleaning service can rid your home of clutter. A clean workspace invites a healthy and refreshed state of mind.

Choose Professional Cleaning Services in Fairfax, VA

You can create a clean home that you feel good about with the help of Smart Choice Cleaning. We have a team of dedicated residential cleaning service experts who offer expertise in home cleaning, office cleaning, and more. Find out why Virginia homeowners choose us for their professional cleaning services by calling (703) 455-1440 or scheduling a free estimate today.


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