Do You Need Professional Cleaners Over the Summer?

Professional Kitchen Cleaning Northern VA

Do You Need Professional Cleaners Over the Summer?

For many people, cleaning constitutes one of many interminable tasks that take significant time from their daily schedule. So, why not turn to a service provider this summer? They can help you prepare for entertaining guests, prevent mold growth, and reduce dust in your home. Save yourself a great hassle by hiring a home interior and professional kitchen cleaning service.

Smart Choice Cleaning offers such residential and commercial cleaning services in Northern VA. As a local and independently owned business, we aim to provide outstanding customer service experiences. Our team leverages the most advanced cleaning systems in the industry as well as a 100% money-back guarantee. Contact us at (703) 455-1440 for a free estimate.

Below, we outline the reasons you could need professional cleaners over the summer:

Prepare for Entertaining

Summer is an ideal time for hosting barbeques and entertaining guests. However, kitchens—the heart of many homes—tend to be among the dirtiest rooms in any house. If this descriptor applies to your kitchen, hire a professional cleaner to rid the space of grease and grime.

Our employees can clean sticky residue from cabinet doors and wipe the shelves inside them. We also tackle odors that develop from spills, grease splatters, and food. Finally, we’ll clean out your refrigerator to make space for chilling party foods.

Prevent Mold Growth

Summer humidity increases the risk of mold and mildew inside your home. To prevent fungal growths from developing, we carry out thorough basement and bathroom cleaning.

The steam, leaks, and damp towels commonly found in bathrooms create a breeding ground for mold. However, professional bathroom cleaners have products that strip the limescale and soap scum from your bathroom’s walls, undermining mildew’s ability to thrive.

Basements also breed mold because they often lack exposure to sunlight—which can kill mold growth—and have a higher risk of drainage issues. We can protect your basement with professional cleaning products that target mildew.

Minimize Dust

As outdoor temperatures increase, almost everyone will turn on their air conditioner and ceiling fans. However, doing so can spread dust and other surface pollutants throughout a home.

Our employees will clean your ceiling fans and air conditioner vents, both of which collect dust and cobwebs. We can clean your carpets, curtains, and blinds as well. These soft-fiber home features collect dust, dander, and hair that irritate allergy symptoms.

Professional Kitchen Cleaning Services in Northern VA

Professional Kitchen Cleaning Northern VA

Turn to Smart Choice Cleaning for professional kitchen cleaning in Northern VA. We offer comprehensive services for homes and businesses, including weekly, monthly, or seasonal deep house cleaning. Moreover, you can ensure your new home is shipshape before moving with our move-in cleaning services. Contact us at (703) 455-1440 for a free estimate.

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