The Importance of Cleaning & Maintaining Your Upholstery

The Importance of Cleaning & Maintaining Your Upholstery

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Professional upholstery cleaning can often be overlooked, though your furniture should be cleaned just as often as your carpet is. Upholstery cleaning can help improve air quality in your home, relieve odors, and help your furniture look crisp and remain durable. Furniture is built to last but will struggle unless given the proper care and attention.

Smart Choice Cleaning in Alexandria, VA, specializes in upholstery cleaning and can make any piece of furniture look brand new. We use a strategic 12-step process to make sure your furniture is taken care of properly. Along with that, we have top-notch customer service and certified techniques which set us apart from other upholstery cleaning services in the area.

Below, we describe the rationale for regularly cleaning your upholstery:

Benefits of Cleaning Upholstery

First, furniture cleaning can vastly improve air quality. Whenever someone sits on your couch, bacteria and dirt fragments are released into the air without anyone noticing. Not having your furniture cleaned allows unwanted particles to continuously infect and be filtered through the air. Removing all bacteria from the furniture will discontinue the spreading of germs into the air of your home.

Another benefit of upholstery cleaning is how it improves the look and feel of your furniture. Generally, people buy a couch or chair because they like its design or comfort. Upholstery cleaning will enhance the general appearance of the furniture while restoring its softness and comfort.

Why Choose Smart Choice Cleaning?

Smart Choice Cleaning is an IICRC-certified and expert organization. Among the variety of house cleaning services we offer, upholstery cleaning is one of our specialties. We have a strong reputation in the Northern Virginia and Washington, DC region and have been voted the Best of NoVa in 2015 by Northern VA Magazine.

Our upholstery cleaning services include odor removal, stain and spigot removal, speed drying, fabric protection, and furniture protection. Every piece of furniture is carefully examined and assigned a method that meets specific standards.

From there, we go through essential steps to ensure that your furniture is cleaned with a high level of attention to detail. These steps include pre inspection, pre treatments, soil extraction and rinse, post treatments, speed dry, and lastly a post cleaning inspection. Professional Upholstery Cleaning Available Now in Alexandria, VA There is undoubtedly not enough emphasis on how crucial upholstery cleaning is to the overall cleanliness of your home. Having your furniture cleaned is well worth the time and money and should be done so every 3-4 months. For those who need upholstery cleaning in Alexandria, VA, or surrounding areas, there is no better option than Smart Choice Cleaning. We have an unmatched level of expertise and customer service that leaves all of our customers satisfied. Call us today at (703) 688-3521 or schedule a cleaning today!

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