Why You Should Hire Professional Cleaners for Water-Damaged Property

Why You Should Hire Professional Cleaners for Water-Damaged Property

Water Damage Cleanup

During the first week of August 2020, Tropical Storm Isaias swept through Northern Virginia. Along with widespread flooding and heavy rains, both the Chesapeake Bay and Potomac River swelled with a storm surge of up to 2 feet. And while these conditions would be serious in any region, the Tidewater sees them on an annual basis. 

Thus, it’s crucial to take steps now to protect your home or business. At Smart Choice Cleaning, we’ve done a fair share of water damage cleaning in and around Arlington, VA. Our award-winning services have saved our customers’ homes and belongings. As a small, local business, we know the value of property. 

Here, we outline why you should hire professionals to clean your water-damaged property: 

Water’s Destructive Effects

Northern Virginia’s wetter season lasts from April to August, when the chance of rainfall on any given day rises more than 30%. But water can spring from sources besides flooding events such as leaky pipes or fixtures, broken windows, and cracks in walls or floors. 

No matter its source, water has unique abilities to damage a structure. Within minutes of contact, water can stain carpets or soak into furniture, causing lamination to peel and dyes to bleed. 

After a few days of exposure, walls and floors can warp and cup while paint blisters and wallpapers peel away. Fungi and mold may set in, threatening the health of any inhabitants. If allowed to sit for several days, water can ruin wooden floors and necessitate structural gutting. 

Expertise and Experience

While water can cause pronounced damage to a structure, its ability to soak through surfaces and materials also brings insidious deterioration. Locating its source (or sources) becomes increasingly difficult when it penetrates drywall, wood, and insulation. 

Professional cleaners, like ours at Smart Choice Cleaning, know what to look for in identifying leaks and damage. Although we have seen structures nearly ruined by water damage, our fast and thorough work saved inhabitants from secondary damage and, crucially, the threat of mold and mildew. 

Mold remediation can be particularly dangerous. According to the CDC, exposure to mold may lead to asthma attacks, allergic reactions, and (for those with a weakened immune system) severe infections. Instead of risking your health, reach out and let our experienced professionals neutralize the threats of mold. 

Save Money and Time

Homeowners used to doing their own home repairs may be tempted to handle water damage themselves to save money. But the cost of an amateur job may end up much higher than a professional one; less-than-thorough work allows water to remain soaked into materials, causing deep structural damage and putting your family at risk from mold. 

Moreover, significant water damage will require you to file an insurance claim. Many professional cleaning services can help fill out the paperwork so that you can file appropriately and receive the compensation you deserve. 

Smart Choice Cleaning: Arlington, VA’s Water Damage Cleaners

Whether it’s from large-scale flooding or a leaky fixture, water damage always poses significant dangers and challenges to home – or business – owners. Trying to deal with those yourself can be exhausting and hazardous, so turn to Smart Choice Cleaning for water damage cleaning services in and around Arlington, VA. Our award-winning work and rave customer reviews set us apart from other local cleaners. 

Contact us today at (703) 688-3521 to get a free estimate; it takes only 5 minutes! 

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