How to Save Money on Home Maintenance

How to Save Money on Home Maintenance

shutterstock_232815364A lot of people take vacations in August – you can tell by how light traffic can be here in the DC metro area at this time of year!

August is also a great time to get some home maintenance done and save money on it. Put these items on your list of things to do before Labor Day!

  • Get your heating system serviced now, before it starts getting cold. Many companies offer discounts if you call for routine service in the “off season” before the company gets busy. Check for gaps along your windows and doors where warm air can leak out this winter, too, and fill those in. 
  • Clean your bathroom vents and fans. Those vents have been sucking up extra moisture and pollen all spring and summer, and cleaning them will keep them running efficiently this fall, saving you money on energy bills. 

    • Call us now to schedule carpet cleaning, wood floor polishing and tile and grout cleaning! We’ll get busier in the fall and winter as people spend more time indoors and the holidays approach. (703-455-1440)

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