Planning Your Move-Out: Cleaning Checklist

Move-Out Cleaning Centreville VA

Planning Your Move-Out: Cleaning Checklist

The average person moves almost 12 times in their lifetime. That’s a lot of time, effort, and energy! With moving comes packing, planning, and everyone’s favorite: cleaning. Whether you’re moving out of your old place or into a new one, you should create a clean slate. Hiring a move-out cleaning company can reduce stress, accelerate the moving process, and return your former home to its original state before new tenants arrive.

Residents in Centreville, VA, can take advantage of Smart Choice Cleaning’s comprehensive cleaning services for their next move. We offer expert carpet and tile cleaning, maid services, and more. Our team applies the most advanced cleaning systems in the industry to ensure you’re satisfied with our work. To learn more about our comprehensive cleaning services, contact us at (703) 455-1440.

Below, we outline a practical cleaning checklist for folks moving out of a home:

Repair Walls

To create a home that’s uniquely theirs, homeowners use decorations that illustrate their style. When the time comes to move out, however, the decorations must go. Once removed, those decorations reveal damage to your walls in the form of nails, nail holes, and discolored spots on the walls.

Remove all nails, spackle the nail holes, and repaint any discolorations. Doing so will be critical when moving out of an apartment, as it ensures the landlord returns your security deposit.

Sanitize Doors and Frames

Believe it or not, doors and door frames collect abundant germs and bacteria, yet these areas are often neglected during move-out cleaning. To avoid this issue, hire industry professionals to sanitize all door handles and frames. 

Indeed, when was the last time your doors received a thorough cleaning? For many, we suspect at least weeks—if not months—of dirt and dust have accumulated, which makes daily use a health hazard. Ensure the next tenants receive a sterile environment and have all such surfaces cleaned.

Dust Ceiling Fans

Out of sight, out of mind. Since we cannot see the layer of dust accumulating on ceiling fan blades, we do nothing to combat it. Then, when ceiling fans spin around, they spread dust throughout your home. Such build-ups can pose a health risk to anyone with respiratory issues—such as asthma—because the dirt and dust can irritate the lungs and cause breathing difficulties. 

Therefore, ask a maid or cleaning service to dust your ceiling fans and remove the contaminants. If you desire a deep, whole-house cleaning, consider hiring a professional move-out cleaning service. Their equipment and knowledge allow them to tackle every aspect of your cleaning process and address every room’s specific concerns.

Wipe Down Windows and Mirrors

Another simple but critical task, wiping down glass surfaces can give your home’s interior a crisp and polished look. Professionals, in particular, have products and strategies to ensure no spots and streaks remain. Pay attention to reflective surfaces!

Deep Clean the Bathroom

Bathrooms are among the messiest rooms in houses and require extensive cleaning on a regular basis. The toilet, sink, shower, and tub all need attention on some routine. With frequent cleanings, you can prevent soap scum, mold, and other dirt from building up and putting you or your loved ones at risk.

A comprehensive cleaning company can do the work for you. With their specialized cleaning equipment and knowledge of best practices, they’ll have your bathroom looking spotless for the next tenants.

Clean Floors

Move-Out Cleaning Centreville VA

Finally, your move-out cleaning experience should include a deep cleaning of your floors. After all, well-worn floors may suffer from to shoe marks, dirt, dust, spilled food, and more. 

Wood, tile, and carpet floors require specialized cleaning due to the daily traffic they receive in your home. Whether it be mopping, vacuuming, or a complete deep clean, make sure to treat all of your floors to some TLC before moving out.

Comprehensive Move-Out Cleaning Services in Centreville, VA

When you’re moving out, cleaning your house is probably one of the last things on your mind. Therefore, hiring a moving-out cleaning company is your best solution to ensure you give your home a deep clean. Smart Choice Cleaning has move-out and move-in cleaning services to help Centreville, VA, residents tackle these transitions. Our team of professionals can clean your home for the next occupants or before you move in. To get a free cleaning estimate, contact (703) 455-1440 or visit our website.

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