Keep Your “Clean House” New Year’s Resolution With These Tips

Keep Your “Clean House” New Year’s Resolution With These Tips

The New Year has arrived, and many people are excited to put their New Year’s resolutions to action. With everything from wanting to lose weight to working in more time for the family, the New Year is a fresh start, and a chance for people to improve their lives.

If you are one of the millions of people who make New Year’s resolutions, you know how challenging it can be to keep them. One common and difficult to maintain resolution many people have is to keep their house clean through the year.

Have you made this resolution for yourself? As a house cleaning company in Springfield VA, we understand how easily keeping a clean house can fall by the wayside, especially in the daily hustle and bustle. Here are our tips for keeping your “clean house” resolution:


Do Little Things Every Day

Often when it comes to home cleaning, the biggest issue many people face is feeling overwhelmed when attempting to tackle a big mess. The trick is to not let your home get too messy. You can do little things every day to keep the house clean, so you will have less to do on your big cleaning day, like on the weekend.

Assigning yourself one simple task to do every day will help contribute to a clean home. One evening after work, focus on dusting your bedroom. The next day, quickly run some glass cleaner over your bathroom mirror.  Make sure these little tasks are not stressful or demanding, simply a very quick chore you can complete in your daily life.


Create a Realistic Weekly Cleaning Schedule

An easy way to have a clean house is to set up a clear—and realistic—weekly cleaning schedule. Life in Northern Virginia is busy, and if you are like thousands of other homeowners in the area, the best time for you to clean your home is most likely the weekend. Tackling a messy house is much easier when you have a plan. Sit down and plan out a weekly checklist of things you must clean on weekends, or whenever you decide to clean. Make sure you include all the important areas of your home such as bedrooms, kitchen, living areas, bathrooms, basement, and more. Don’t forget to factor in the little things you do daily that will reduce the mess you have to clean on the weekends.


Learn to Clean Up As You Go

Picking up after yourself as you move about your house everyday is a great way to ensure the house stays clean. As your dinner cooks in the oven, clean the bowls and other dishes that you used for meal preparation. Ask your children to put away the toys they are done playing with as soon as they move to the next toy or leave the room. Right after waking up, make your bed so it is ready for you when you go to sleep later that evening. Cleaning up after yourself as you go can ensure a big mess will not pile up in your home.


Make 2018 the Year of a Clean House!

To keep your “clean house” New Year’s resolution, you need dedication and the help of a house cleaning company in Springfield VA! Smart Choice Cleaning proudly serves Northern Virginia and the DC metro region. We offer a variety of house cleaning services including one-time cleaning, move-in and -out cleaning, oriental rug cleaning, and more. Whether you use us one time for a deep cleaning or for routine cleaning, we can help you keep your resolution.

Let 2018 be the year you stay on top of your home cleaning! Call Smart Choice Cleaning today at (703) 455-1440 or book us online!

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