How to Protect Your Oriental Rugs

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How to Protect Your Oriental Rugs

Oriental and Persian carpets date back 2,500 years. Several design elements—including their luscious compositional materials, intricate patterning, and unique allure—ensure these rugs never fall out of style. Nevertheless, oriental rugs require special maintenance to retain their color, form, and texture. Moreover, homeowners should protect them from direct sunlight, store them carefully, and vacuum them routinely. With the help of a professional oriental rug cleaning service, your rugs can remain a statement piece in your home for years to come.

Smart Choice Cleaning offers such cleaning services to homeowners in and around Chantilly, VA. Given our knowledge and experience in residential and commercial cleaning, we can guarantee excellent results and top-notch customer service. We also offer cleaning specials through our company website! Call (703) 455-1440 or visit our website for a free residential cleaning estimate.

Below, we review how you can preserve your oriental rugs’ beauty:

Shield Them from Sunlight

While natural sunlight looks and feels good, it can also cause harm. For instance, oriental rugs left in sunlight for too long may suffer damage from UV rays. In particular, the rays can bleach the carpet’s deep colors, leaving it dull and lacking contrast.

Furthermore, if direct sunlight only strikes patches of a rug, those spots can become uneven and fade. Professional rug cleaning cannot restore colors bleached out by sunlight. Therefore, move oriental rugs from places that receive direct sunlight, or at least rotate their placement in your home every so often.

Place Them Where Foot Traffic Is Minimal

As unpleasant as it is to think about, your feet bring substances from the outside world—mud, dirt, dust, and other contaminants—into your home. Rugs are usually among the first surfaces these substances come into contact with, and they suffer damage as a result.

To protect your oriental rugs from outside contaminants, place them in areas with minimal foot traffic. Doing so will mean your rugs are outside the center of attention, but they will last much longer. Plus, moving them from high-traffic areas in your home preserves their condition and saves you money on remedial cleaning.

Reduce Air Exposure

Surprisingly, rugs work as air filters as well. They collect dust, hair, and other airborne particles floating about in your home. The carpet captures contaminants among its thousands of fibers, where they remain until removed with a deep clean.

On the other hand, hardwood and tile floors struggle to hold these contaminants, as they lack carpeting’s tightly wound fabric. Thus, you should not clean and treat all your flooring materials the same. Invest in professional oriental carpet cleaning to protect you and your loved ones from the pollutants in your carpets.

Get Carpet Cleaning Services

Cleaning oriental rugs is a delicate process. It requires professional knowledge to ensure your carpeting suffers no damage. Thankfully, Smart Choice Cleaning’s team has developed a 9-step cleaning process customized for oriental rugs and their maintenance. We can make yours look good as new through pre-inspection, dry soil removal, fringe preparation, shampoo, and more.

Get the most out of your cleaning service with our wide range of carpet and upholstery cleaning services. Our team is more than happy to discuss oriental rug cleaning costs, maintenance, and more.

Store Them Properly

Like all valuables, proper storage is critical for your oriental rug. Never roll it up, store it in plastic, or stand it in a corner. Rolling a carpet for storage leads to creases, cracks, and other unsightly damage. Instead of wrapping it in plastic, use a cotton sheet or muslin wrap to secure your rug when not in use.

Also, avoid placing your rugs directly on the ground when they’re not in use. Instead, store them on a table or a cabinet so they don’t come into contact with harmful elements on the floor. Moreover, don’t pile other items—such as boxes or crates—on top of your rugs. Ensure they’re in a cool, dry place with little natural light.

Vacuum Regularly

Oriental Rug Cleaning Chantilly VA

Between professional oriental rug cleaning sessions, homeowners should take care of their oriental rugs with regular vacuuming. Doing so at least once a week prevents dust build-up and worn spots, helping to maintain their unique pattern and texture.

Prioritize your Rugs by Investing in Oriental Rug Cleaning in Chantilly, VA!

An oriental rug is a unique addition to any home that requires proper care, storage, and cleaning. To protect such investments, Smart Choice Cleaning offers oriental rug cleaning services to homeowners in Chantilly, VA. Our 9-step cleaning process has been used and found effective for over 10 years. To learn more about our rug cleaning services, contact us today at (703) 455-1440.

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