Getting the Most Our of Your Cleaning Services

Getting the Most Our of Your Cleaning Services

Many of our clients are busy homeowners who have hired us to take care of their cleaning needs. Engaging us helps them save countless hours each month and when they take advantage of our tips, they also save additional dollars.

Here are 5 simple ways to get the most out of your cleaning services:

  1. Declutter as much as possible before the cleaning crew arrives. This creates efficiencies and allows maximum coverage of additional surface areas.
  2. Pick up knick knacks before the cleaning crew arrives. This helps save on time and labor costs.
  3. Complete all major projects (painting, remodeling, flooring, etc.) before scheduling your cleaning services.
  4. Get the air ducts cleaned before scheduling cleaning services.
  5. Create a priority list (things you hate doing) and have it available prior to requesting a quote.

Here are 7 additional tips to help save on your carpet cleaning services:

  1. When shopping for carpet cleaning services, take measurements of the rooms and/or carpet dimensions. This will avoid “guestimates” and allow for better budgeting and savings.
  2. Count the number of steps on your carpeted staircases.
  3. Save money by combining same day services. This could include carpet or upholstery, tile and grout, leather, and hardwood cleaning.
  4. Be flexible with your scheduling times. Whenever possible, schedule in advance. Same day or next day services can be costly.
  5. Pay with cash or check and save anywhere from $5 to $10.
  6. Buy in groups. Schedule your service along with your neighbors’ and save $25.
  7. Refer a friend or neighbor and receive $25 referral reward when their services are complete.

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