Get Your Oriental Rug Cleaned & Holiday-Ready in Northern Virginia

Get Your Oriental Rug Cleaned & Holiday-Ready in Northern Virginia

The fall season paves way for the holidays and means more family gatherings and house guests! Cleaning during the holiday seasons can be a challenge enough with so much on your plate such as back-to-school routines, childcare, household chores, and meal preparation. If you aren’t sure where to start with professional cleaning services in Northern Virginia, a simple oriental rug cleaning will do the trick to liven up your home!


Smart Choice Cleaning in Springfield, VA provides the best professional home cleaning services tailored to your needs. From cleaning oriental rugs, carpets, upholstery, and more, you will be sure to receive the best cleaning experience possible. Whether your rug needs a regular clean or deep clean, Smart Choice Cleaning has a team of experienced cleaning professionals that will use the best cleaning methods and supplies to keep your home free of messes, which will ultimately leave you stress-free through the holidays.

Great for Individuals with Busy Schedules

As everyone’s schedule begins to pile up this fall, it can be difficult to squeeze in time for cleaning. Preparing home-cooked meals, wrapping gifts, taking care of your kids, and entertaining guests are very time-consuming tasks. Having a professional assist you with even the smallest of tasks, like oriental rug or carpet cleaning, will be sure to go a long way.   

Improves Home Appearance

An oriental rug cleaning will reduce a significant amount of dirt that is hauled into your home. You may think you have completely cleaned out the fall leaves, dirt, and beverage stains from hot chocolate or wine, but think again. A professional oriental rug cleaning is a thorough process that will remove stains and odors that were locked deep in your rug’s crevices. If you couldn’t fully remove your rugs stains and odors yourself before, a professional clean will! Not only will a spotless rug leave your home looking better than ever, it will also leave your home smelling fresh and clean.

Worry Less & Reduce the Mess

On top of wrapping paper shredding, dirty dishes, and dirt and mud tracks, get your oriental rug professionally cleaned and ready for this holiday season. Why create more work for yourself than you need to? It’s completely acceptable to ask for a little bit of help with cleaning your home especially with everything you may have going on in the months to come. Eliminate the mess and lower your stress with a professional oriental rug cleaning service. You won’t know you needed it until you try it!  

Smart Choice Cleaning at Your Rug Cleaning Service

Cleaning your home on your own is no simple task, and with the holidays approaching, how is one to fit in an oriental rug cleaning? Smart Choice Cleaning experts are dedicated to making sure your feel comfortable and to help you feel happier in your own home this fall season. Since 2004, we have developed our own unique cleaning methods and processes to ensure quality cleaning services, like oriental rug cleaning, to residents all over the Northern Virginia area. Allow Smart Choice Cleaning professionals take the weight off your shoulders and have your home cleaned before the holidays.


Schedule your rug cleaning today with a Smart Choice Cleaning expert. Contact us at (703) 455-1440! Don’t forget to check out our October specials too!

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