Clutter at Home Can Cost You Time and Money

Clutter at Home Can Cost You Time and Money

garbagebagResearch shows that extra clutter around the home can increase your stress levels and even cost you money! 

Have you ever been late to work because you couldn’t find your keys or phone, or have you ever misplaced a bill and had to pay late fees because you didn’t pay on time?

According to the Working Mother Research Institute, 55 percent of working mothers feel guilt about the untidiness of their house, and mothers who work outside the home and mothers who don’t both list cleanliness as one of the top three things they feel most judged about.

Here are simple steps to tackling just a little bit each day and keeping clutter at bay!

  • Start by tackling one closet or one room at a time — don’t start a new area until another area is completely done. 
  • For each area, put items into piles: Things you want to keep, things that should be thrown out, and things that can be donated or sold. 
  • Come up with systems for organizing the items in your “keep” pile. That may include purchasing or using storage containers, drawer organizers or closet organization systems. Make sure everything has its own home so cleaning up in the future will be fast easy.
  • Once you’ve organized a room, treat yourself to some new decor to make the area welcoming and personalized. 

Scheduling regular weekly or bi-weekly cleanings can help keep you motivated to make sure clutter stays out of your home.

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