How To Avoid Spreading The Flu

How To Avoid Spreading The Flu

Resident in Northern VA In Need Of Sanitary Home Cleaning Service

With the incoming cold weather, the potential for getting the flu virus is steadily increasing. Nevertheless, there are ways that you are able to safeguard against it. Maintaining a clean and sanitary home will reduce the chances of your loved ones catching it. As easy as that sounds, nowadays time is fleeting and you may not have enough time to dedicate to routine cleaning. In cases such as this, a house cleaning service is your saving grace from guarding your house from the flu.

Let Smart Choice Cleaning be your Northern VA gatekeepers against the flu. Our professional maid cleaning service will make sure that each room is cleaned thoroughly so that you can come home to a clean house and rest, knowing that your home is immaculate. Once your house is absolutely spotless, you can begin the prevention process of keeping the virus contained or out. If your loved ones were to get the illness, below are a few of the ways you can prevent the flu from spreading: 

Stay in Bed

Many times, one thinks that the flu is nothing, and that it’s something you can work through and rest later. But the flu can spread, especially when an infected individual coughs, sneezes, or even speaks to another. To avoid this from getting to anyone else, just get your rest. The flu virus causes you to feel incredibly fatigued so it’s highly recommended that you work with a professional cleaning service to help keep your home clean. Not only will this allow you to rest as necessary, but it will reduce exposure to the rest of your family. 

Wash on, Wash off

Just like in Karate Kid, a good way of keeping the rest of the family safe from the flu is by disinfecting the hard surfaces. You can use antibacterial wipes or cleaner on kitchen counters, fridge handles, doorknobs, remotes and more. And it is not just a quick swipe, you must thoroughly wipe the surface until you are able to see yourself in the shine. Wash on, wash off for a few minutes and reap all the benefits. 

Clean Bedroom is a Safe Bedroom

After the rest of the house is clean, then you may focus on the infected individual’s room. If you want to reduce germs in the bedroom, try airing out the room first. This will help the stale air escape and bring in fresh air in order to refresh the room. Dust can also be very bothersome to a person who is sick. Making sure the space is well dusted, especially the space around the sick person can help alleviate some of the irritation. 

Clean Hands

The most important thing to remember is: Clean Hands! Since the bug is able to travel through touch, it is vital that the infected person and their family members in the immediate vicinity wash their hands. This keeps the flu from spreading and keeps your home safe. It is especially important to wash your hands when you are not in the comfort of your own home, to prevent taking the flu home. 

Choose a Professional Home Cleaning Service in Northern VA Today!

Don’t let the flu infiltrate your safe haven due to a lack of sweeping, mopping, and disinfecting. Let Smart Choice Cleaning be your personal home cleaning service to ward germs away, leaving you with a home that you can come back and relax, knowing that it is spotless. With our licensed and insured company, we guarantee that our professionals will provide quality cleaning services that will allow you to have peace of mind and get the much needed rest you deserve. 

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