What to Anticipate When You Get a Professional Water Damage Cleaning

What to Anticipate When You Get a Professional Water Damage Cleaning

Professional Water Damage Cleaning

A damaging flood or leak at your home or business can be an unexpected and stressful hindrance to your everyday routine. It can also be difficult to recover from without the proper equipment, as normal clean-up methods may not be thorough enough to prevent damages like rust, mold, and other forms of water deterioration. 

For assistance in achieving a quick and extensive cleaning, hire an experienced service like Smart Choice Cleaning. We are a team of professionals in water damage cleaning, as well as one of the best commercial and residential cleaning services in the Northern VA area. Since 2004, we have been dedicated to providing an array of excellent cleaning services, including routine and specialty maid services, carpet and upholstery cleaning, and commercial janitorial services. Here’s what you should expect when hiring a professional water damage cleaning service: 

Water Removal

Primarily before cleaning, a professional will first get rid of any excess water left over from the leak or flood that took place in your home. They usually do this by using vacuums to suck up any puddles or pools of water around the affected area. This can take some time depending on where the area is within your home and the level of water that is present. 


After removing all the standing water in the area, your cleaners will begin the drying process. One method they may use is placing numerous air movers or high-powered fans around the affected area, which will increase airflow and quicken the drying process. Additionally, to help dry the subfloor beneath, professional cleaners may lift up portions of your carpet and place air movers closer to them. For hardwood floors, they might also use floor mats to absorb the water that has seeped into the floor. 

Furthermore, they may also remove floor baseboards and drill holes into your drywall, so that the harder to reach areas can dry more thoroughly and deeply, preventing any buildup of mold or other forms of secondary damage. The drying process is especially important in preserving your home from any further damages from a flood or leak, forcing you to pay for an expensive restoration project. 

Deodorizing and Disinfecting

Finally, once the affected area has been properly dried out, cleaners will make the final preparations for it to be restored to its original state. This involves using deodorization techniques to get rid of the stale, mildewy smell that often arises from dampened carpets, drywall, or other surfaces. Cleaners also make sure to sanitize the area as well, as floods can draw contaminants into your home or workplace.

Smart Choice Cleaning: Expert Water Damage Cleaning in Northern VA 

After a major leak or flood, it is paramount that you prevent further damage by performing a comprehensive cleaning. You can ensure this by hiring a professional water damage cleaning service, such as our team at Smart Choice Cleaning of Northern VA. We have all the proper tools, equipment, and expertise prepared for saving your home or workplace from leak or floor water damage. Whether it be for a water damage cleaning, routine or specialty maid service, or a variety of other residential/commercial cleaning services, contact us at (703) 445-1440.  

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