Air Quality Info for DC Metro Area Residents

Air Quality Info for DC Metro Area Residents

We’re quickly heading into late summer in the D.C. metro area, and that means we’ll see more and more days with temperatures in the 90s, high humidity and even “Code Orange” days for outdoor air quality.

But the air quality inside your home may be just as important as the air quality outside. Here are tips on how to improve the air inside your home and office this summer from Smart Choice Cleaning and WebMD: 

Keep your carpets and couches clean. It’s important to remove dust and allergens from your carpets and upholstery frequently with a strong vacuum equipped with a HEPA filter. Getting your carpet and upholstery cleaned a few times per year by professionals can help remove deep-set particles and keep them out of the air, too .

Mop your floors. Dust and irritating particles can get trapped in cracks and spaces in your wood floor or in your tile’s grout. In addition to routine mopping and dusting to pick up particles on the surface, getting your hard floors professionally cleaned can help.

Use floor mats. Place a mat outside and inside every door to your home to trap dust and dirt as people come in from the outside.

Keep humidity low. In addition to air conditioning, use a dehumidifier inside your home. Mold and bacteria thrive when it’s warm and damp, and keeping humidity levels between 30 – 50 percent inside can help keep them in check.

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