9 Signs That You Need Water Damage Restoration

9 Signs That You Need Water Damage Restoration

Flooding rainwater or floor heating systems, causing damage, peeling paint and mildew. – image

The trickling sounds of rain can be so soothing, but be sure that when the rain stops, the noises do too. It is common for homeowners to be unaware of water damage as many of the signs take time to build and become noticeable. If you see water stains, warped floors, spikes in the water bill, or sounds of dripping water, contact a professional immediately. If you are located in Fairfax, VA, and need residential cleaning services to support restorations, contact Smart Choice Cleaning.

Residents of Fairfax, VA, and surrounding Northern Virginia areas can trust the professionals at Smart Choice Cleaning to help with any residential and commercial cleaning needs. We have the equipment, expertise, and experience necessary to handle even the most challenging water restoration projects. We are available for immediate service to help restore, preserve, and prevent your home from enduring any further damages. Contact us today! 

Below, we discuss the most common indicators of water damage in your home:

Signs of Water Damage

  1. Wall discoloration

Discolored drywall is the most common indicator of home water damage. Keep an eye out for streaks of discoloration running down the wall from the ceiling. A common misconception is that paint discolors with age, but this is primarily caused by the excess moisture in the walls.

  1. Water stains on the ceiling

In addition to streaks of discoloration, look out for circular ceiling stains. Ceiling stains are commonly caused by leaks in an appliance located on the floor above. The stains can appear in shades of orange, green, yellow, or brown. 

  1. Warped wood floors

When moisture builds up, either over time or suddenly, wood floors can ruin within moments. The excess moisture causes cracking between boards, cupped edges, and the expanding and lifting of floorboards. 

  1. Soft, bubbling drywall 

Walls that feel soft and remain depressed after touching are clear signs of recent water damage. Bubbling may also occur when water pooling builds up behind the drywall. 

  1. The smell of mold

Following the smell of mold can help uncover areas of water damage. High levels of humidity, condensation, and leaking pipes are goldmines for growing mold. Unfortunately, the moldy smell will not disappear until the water source is fully repaired. Once your water damage is fixed, schedule a carpet cleaning to guarantee stain and odor removal.

  1. Mold in the baseboards

Rooms with high humidity levels, such as the bathroom, frequently have mold patches. However, it is concerning when mold is found alongside the baseboards of a well-ventilated room. 

  1. Puddles of water

There should never be a puddle in your home. Pools of water can almost guarantee water damage within the home, commonly caused by leaking pipes.

  1. An unusual spike in the water bill

When a water bill is unusually high with no explanation, there may be a leak in the home. Contact a professional to have the leak located and repaired.

  1. Sounds of dripping water

If you hear sounds of the dripping or flushing of water, your home is likely suffering from water damage. Even if you cannot see the flow of water, the sound alone is enough of a warning sign.

Residential Cleaning Services Fairfax VA

Restoring Your Home

If you detect any previously listed signs of water damage, contact a team of trusted professionals immediately for residential water restoration services. At Smart Choice Cleaning, we focus on speed-drying, deodorizing, and, most importantly, disinfecting the damaged areas. 

Basement flooding and storm damage don’t wait for regular business hours, and neither do we! Our quick response time, carpet water extraction, and advanced drying methods help prevent secondary damage and mold. It is crucial to quickly tend to mold cleanup in the home to prevent long-term health risks for residents.

Homeowners often hesitate to initially act on water damage repair due to fears of high costs, but if left unattended, the damages and expenses will continue to worsen. Call or go online to schedule a residential cleaning today!

Immediate Residential Water Damage Services in Fairfax, VA

No matter how severe the water damage may appear, be sure to act fast to prevent further damages. Guarantee your home is safe and clean with Smart Choice Cleaning’s residential water restoration services. Smart Choice Cleaning is a top-rated cleaning company ready to serve Fairfax, VA, and surrounding areas with residential and commercial services whenever you need us. Contact us at (703) 455-1440 or book our team online for one of our residential cleaning services today!

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