5 Ways to Make Your Next Move Easier

5 Ways to Make Your Next Move Easier

Finding a new home can be exciting and fun, but moving to that new home isn’t. To help make your transition easier, here are tips to keep in mind: 

Declutter first! Moving can be a great motivator to declutter and get organized, so start with your closets and then continue room-by-room. Donate or sell what you don’t need before you start packing, so you’ll have less to move. This will make your move easier and less expensive! 

Separate your valuables! Keep jewelry, heirlooms and very important paperwork separate from the moving boxes. Have a plan for transporting them yourself or through an insured, professional and fast shipping service.

Start packing early. Packing always takes longer than you think it will, so start packing up things you don’t need immediately at least two weeks before your move.

movingboxPack a suitcase for a week. Even though your move might just take one day, unpacking can take quite a bit of time. Pack a suitcase like you’re going on vacation so you have a supply of clean, comfortable clothes, toiletries and other necessities to live comfortably while everything else is in boxes.

Set appointments a week before you move. In addition to calling your utility companies, painters and repairmen, call Smart Choice Cleaning to set up move-in and move-out maid services and carpet cleaning.

Moving is exhausting, so make sure one of those appointments is with professionals like us who can do a  deep, thorough cleaning and disinfection of your new and old homes, including the carpets. Call Smart Choice Cleaning today at (703) 455-1440. 

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