5 Tips For Hiring a Residential Cleaning Company in Northern Virginia

5 Tips For Hiring a Residential Cleaning Company in Northern Virginia

The kids are heading back to school and your days are beginning to open up. Or maybe you are too busy and have a tight schedule. Tackling the house cleaning on your own can be a difficult task, but hiring a Northern Virginia cleaning company like Smart Choice Cleaning can make the cleaning process smooth sailing for you. Smart Choice Cleaning is a family-owned, residential cleaning service that cares about providing quality services to its customers all throughout the Northern Virginia area and can assist you in keeping your home clean. We want to help you choose whether hiring a cleaning company is the best option so we compiled five must knows about residential cleaning companies below.

Don’t Believe Everything You Read

Happy people aren’t as likely to write glowing reviews about your company. When people have bad experiences, they find it easier to vent out their feelings through writing an online review. In some cases, those people feel inclined to ruin a company’s reputation. But if the majority of reviews are all bad, then that should cause your red flags to go off. Although it’s also good to be cautious of the perfect reviews, companies can hire writers to create sparkling reviews.

Get Referred

Do you have any family or friends who have used a local cleaning service? What were their thoughts? Are they currently using that cleaning service? Try and see if any of your family and friends have used a local cleaning service before. It makes it easier to trust a cleaning service knowing that they have a good history with someone you know.

Check Services & Rates

What kind of services does this company offer? Do they also take requests? A company can offer certain services and rates but they may be flexible with both. Depending on how detailed their cleaning services are, companies can offer their services at a fixed rate. It doesn’t hurt to compare to other companies because you want to get more done with the service and rate provided.

Background Check

For reassurance, it’s always a good idea to be informed of a cleaning company’s experience and accreditations. Maybe the company has won an award for the work they have done or is connected with a professional organization. Knowing their background will help you build trust with the company.

Accidents Happen

See if the cleaning service company carries liability insurance and bond. A policy should be mentioned by the company before any damages can be made to your home or items are stolen. You may also want to consider worker’s compensation so in case an injury occurs on your property, you are covered. Keep in mind that insurance, bond, and policies can make the rates of the services higher.

Smart Choice Cleaning Makes Cleaning Your Home A Breeze!

While there are many different cleaning companies in the Northern Virginia area, Smart Choice Cleaning is fully licensed, insured, and bonded to provide cleaning assistance to residences, businesses, and nonprofit organizations. If your home isn’t ready for the new school year, Smart Choice Cleaning is your best bet. We care about how comfortable you are in your home and offer a range of services from carpet and upholstery cleaning, tile and grout, and maid and janitorial services. You can trust us with keeping your home clean!


Contact us at (703) 445-1440 and speak with a cleaning professional today. Don’t forget to check out our September specials too!

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