3 Great ‘Time Hacks’ to Make You More Efficient This Fall

3 Great ‘Time Hacks’ to Make You More Efficient This Fall


Fall is often the craziest time of year for families. The temperatures may feel summer-like now, but the start of school in our area means life is about to get busy.

Here are some of our favorite time-saving tips for you and your family so you can spend more quality time together, no matter how busy your life gets!

Take a few minutes before bed to organize for the next day: Check your calendar, make a list, make your breakfast and/or lunch and lay out your clothes. Your mornings will be much smoother, and you may be able to sleep a little bit longer, too!

Do things that energize you! You may not feel like you have the luxury of time to spend on a hobby or exercise, but scheduling time for something enjoyable will make you more productive (and happier, too). Make an appointment with yourself!

Don’t be afraid to delegate (especially those tasks you don’t like doing or aren’t very good at doing). When you aren’t looking forward to doing something, you tend to delay doing it, which costs you even more time than doing the task itself. Tasks like cleaning can be done better and faster when you call in the professionals.

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